I am trying to create a carePlan as output by doing $apply operation on PlanDefinition and ActivityDefintion.

For example:


This endpoint is throwing Error 404 (Not Found)!!1.

Tried many ways of making this endpoint work as per FHIR R4 documentation. But seems like GCP is not yet supporting $apply operation in PlanDefintion and ActivityDefinition in both v1 and v1beta1 version of Healthcare APIs.

Need help on this.


On their documentation page they indicate that you can view your server's capabilities by retrieving the CapabilityStatement. If this does not list the $apply operation, it is not supported.

And actually further down on the page, the documentation mentions: "Most extended operations aren't implemented". If you need that functionality, maybe you can reach out to them to see if it can be integrated, or look into using a different FHIR server implementation.

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