I need to generate strings as displayed when invoking the IDE's Evaluate\Modify on a string value. The string as displayed in that window can be used directly in Delphi code.

I am writing string constant literals to an include file that is used in Delphi code.

These string constants contain characters that are printable, non-printable, I also have characters in the $80-$A0 range where WideString and AnsiString ordinals don't match (e.g. Assert(Char(#$96) <> Char(#$0096)), even though Assert($96 = $0096)). I could make my constants all escaped characters, but it will affect readability of the rest of the text.

Here is a manufactured case exemplifying a problematic string. You can see that Evaluate\Modify handles the problem cases correctly while leaving printable sections as quoted strings.

  AString: String  = 'W'#$0096'~ '#$1C;

Please note that QuotedString cannot work. It won't generate strings to represent escaped sequences, it would merely quote the string and and have escaped sequences as the actual characters they represent. The goal here is to produce a string that can be used in code.


This doesn't match the IDE's implementation precisely, but should be a very decent start:

function MakeStringLiteral(const AString: string): string;
  var InText := False;
  Result := '';
  for var c in AString do
    if C.IsControl then
      if InText then
        Result := Result + '''';
        InText := False;
      Result := Result + '#$' + IntToHex(Ord(C));
      if not InText then
        Result := Result + '''';
      Result := Result + C;
      if C = '''' then
        Result := Result + '''';
      InText := True;
  if InText then
    Result := Result + '''';
  if Result.IsEmpty then
    Result := '''''';

The rules are simple:

  1. Runs of non-control characters are surrounded by apostrophes.
  2. Apostrophes in such runs are escaped.
  3. Control characters are written as hex escapes.
  4. The empty string is ''.

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