How do I get the output of a keras model as a numpy array? My code looks like this:

env = gym.make('Chess-v0')
obs = env.reset()

done = False

num_actions = len(env.legal_moves)

obs = chess.Board()

model = models.Sequential()

def dqn(board):
    inputs = layers.Input(shape=(1,))

    layer1 = layers.Dense(256, activation="relu", input_shape=(1,))(inputs)
    layer2 = layers.Dense(512, activation="relu")(layer1)
    layer3 = layers.Dense(512, activation="relu")(layer2)
    layer4 = layers.Dense(512, activation="relu")(layer3)
    layer5 = layers.Dense(512, activation="relu")(layer4)
    layer6 = layers.Dense(1)(layer5)
    action = np.argmax(--->>> layer6_output <<<---)
    return keras.Model(inputs=inputs, outputs=action)

so how do I get the output of layer6 as a numpy array?


You can use tf.tensor.eval to return np array you can read on docs DOCS. and then you just add tf.tensor.eval in layer 6


Once you have defined the model with something like myModel=dqn(board), you can use myModel.predict(x) to get the output as a Numpy array.

If you are using Tensorflow as a backend with eager execution enabled you can just put .numpy() in your tensor.

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