I am sending an API request to a secure connection with XML Data but whenever I am trying to send the curl API request to the server the server give me the encrypted response I have checked that my XML is corrected SSL Verification is also enable and Key and Certificate Path is also attached with curl request but I could not understand what is the main problem can anyone help me to figure out this problem Response: b"\x1Fï\x08\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00îÉ=\x0Fé@\få J├ñ\v¦╔y&éN298_á┬%xG«\x15QÒ\x7FWÉD▄£┌<²z▀*÷ªM«úãÀ\x04²╣q£\fl\x15ı"mé╚EMg├±╗4­Ïçç\x04i\x1A┬H½q╦ãùÀ)¦ÖK#ZØåP°Æ¶HËãÆ\x13à_³Ú\tÍU:'fS\x11┤&\x08<■> ╠®L)Hf─└ı08/\x10¿­ò│w*cÇEµë┴PoY└:Ø-\x08Äçl┐^Nè&\x19þ\x16pf\x7F×Ñ_\x00\x00\x00 \x03\x00ýnøê<\x01\x00\x00"

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    That's most likely a compressed response (gzip) not encrypted. From the command line, try adding --compressed, or removing gzip from the Accept-Encoding header.
    – msbit
    Jun 17 at 8:22

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