Let's say you want to process survey results with LibreOffice Calc (for example with data coming from LimeSurvey).

Some questions may be optional and some cells may be empty (like cell A6):

LibreOffice screenshot columns

If you want to analyze the dataset (for example counting how many people have given the same answer) you can create a pivot table with InsertPivot:

enter image description here

but... I was not able to analyze my empty cells in LibreOffice:

LibreOffice pivot table screenshot empty

Actual bug:

  • the cell B6 is empty

Expected result:

  • the cell B6 should be = 1 because the dataset has 1 empty cell

I have a workaround consisting in creating a "temporary table" and replacing empty cells with something weird like § EMPTY VALUE § to then be able to analyze empty values with my pivot table.

How do you handle empty cells in LibreOffice Calc with a pivot table?

Tested on LibreOffice 6.4.7 on Debian GNU/Linux but I can reproduce on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa and on other operating systems.

Thank you so much!


Another workaround:

in column B, transform column A to string (the formula for cell B2 is =""&A2)

Then create the pivot table using the values in column B.


LibreOffice has a known bug since 2012, involving pivot tables with empty cells.


AFAIK, a workaround like yours, involving a temporary table, is the only known solution.

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