Is there a possibility in Play! Framework to "replay" a Http.Request? Replay in the sense of re-applying the request as if it was received again.

Context Information
In my specific use-case I'm trying to resolve an issue where a POST request (eg. a form submission) is rejected if the user's session is no longer valid. Responding to the POST request with a redirect to the login page will result in the POST data being lost. Which is obviously bad from the end-users perspective.

My current idea is to store the original Http.Request object in a HashMap (or any other kind of store) and then respond with a redirect to the login page. After the user has logged in again, the previously stored request should be replayed as if the user would have re-submitted the form, and the Result of this replay can then be returned back directly to the user.

The first part works fine, storing the original POST Http.Request in a HashMap and then flagging the user's session so the original request can later be retrieved again. After the user has logged in, I can retrieve the original POST request, but I'm unsure if and how it is possible to replay this request now. I could probably convert the Http.Request to a WSRequest and send it from the backend to itself with a WSClient, but this seems a bit hacky, and there probably is a simpler solution.

The code below is just for showcasing an example and is not actual source code. Please ignore the obvious issues it has. My question concerns the part marked with TODO.

public class DummyController extends Controller {

    private final FormFactory formFactory;
    private final HashMap<UUID, Http.Request> rejectedRequests;

    public DummyController(FormFactory formFactory) {
        this.formFactory = formFactory;
        this.rejectedRequests = new HashMap<>();

    // GET endpoint for the login form
    public Result login() {
        return ok("render login form");

    // POST endpoint for the login form submission
    public Result loginPost(Http.Request request) {
        Form<LoginForm> form = formFactory.form(LoginForm.class).bindFromRequest(request);
        if (form.hasErrors()) {
            return badRequest("wrong credentials");
        } else {
            return request.session().get("original-req")
                    .map(originalRequest -> {
                        // TODO: how to replay the original request here?
                        return TODO(request).removingFromSession(request, "original-req");
                    .orElseGet(() -> redirect("/"));

    // POST endpoint for some form submission
    public Result formSubmit(Http.Request request) {
        if (request.session().get("login").isPresent()) {
            final UUID key = UUID.randomUUID();
            rejectedRequests.put(key, request);
            return redirect("/login").addingToSession(request, "original-req", key.toString());
        return ok("handle form submit");

  • Well these are plain regular methods, you can call formSubmit from another method. Not sure replaying the actual instance of Request is the best approach though, I would rather store/retrieve only the data it contains.
    – Gaël J
    Jun 17 at 18:35
  • I agree that this would potentially be the cleaner approach. However, the point is that I need the request to go through the Filters and Actions again, because there are important checks every request must go through (the redirect for invalid/expired sessions happens inside one of them).
    – hertg
    Jun 18 at 8:42
  • Okay, then you need an actual HTTP request indeed
    – Gaël J
    Jun 18 at 8:52

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