I'm following Squeak by example http://squeakbyexample.org/

I'm stuck with

"Type a class comment for SBECell and accept it; you can always improve it later."

I typed a comment but I can see no way to accept it ! Alt-click doesn't work as usual (I'm on Windows). I think Smalltalk IDE is weird that may explain why I did give up many times no offense meant but tutorial should then be more explicit for complete newbies like me !

enter image description here


In order to edit a class comment in the Squeak Browser click on the ? button between the instance and class buttons.

I'm sorry you're having difficulties learning Squeak. You may have more luck following the instructions in Pharo by Example. I'm not sure what's the current state of affairs but I've heard the Pharo version of the book is more up to date than the Squeak version.

  • Thanks it works - weird the tutorial didn't mention the "?" button: how am I suppoed to guess that :). Have glanced at Pharo tut seems good for a starter will try.
    – user310291
    Jul 23 '11 at 20:11

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