How do I add a video to a quiz? I have an but after trying to save everything goes out of question description. I want to record the content of the question in a video and give qiuz to each question. The videos will be different.

I was wondering about editing the question_form.php file. Obviously, to keep the changes I have to put it outside the tutor folder. How to do it?

public function tutor_quiz_builder_get_question_form(){

    global $wpdb;
    $quiz_id = sanitize_text_field($_POST['quiz_id']);
    $question_id = sanitize_text_field(tutor_utils()->avalue_dot('question_id', $_POST));

    if(!tutils()->can_user_manage('quiz', $quiz_id)) {
        wp_send_json_error( array('message'=>__('Access Denied', 'tutor')) );
    if ( ! $question_id){
        $next_question_id = tutor_utils()->quiz_next_question_id();
        $next_question_order = tutor_utils()->quiz_next_question_order_id($quiz_id);

        $new_question_data = array(
            'quiz_id'               => $quiz_id,
            'question_title'        => __('Question', 'tutor').' '.$next_question_id,
            'question_description'  => '',
            'question_type'         => 'true_false',
            'question_mark'         => 1,
            'question_settings'     => maybe_serialize(array()),
            'question_order'        => esc_sql( $next_question_order ) ,

        $wpdb->insert($wpdb->prefix.'tutor_quiz_questions', $new_question_data);
        $question_id = $wpdb->insert_id;

    $question = $wpdb->get_row($wpdb->prepare("SELECT * FROM {$wpdb->prefix}tutor_quiz_questions where question_id = %d ", $question_id));

    include  tutor()->path.'views/modal/question_form.php';

    $output = ob_get_clean();

    wp_send_json_success(array('output' => $output));

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