Is there any way to use a .ani or a .cur file as a cursor in Tkinter? This is the part of my code:

il = tk.Entry(root, width=50, bg="red", cursor=r"mycursor.ani").grid(row=30, column=1)

I also tried PhotoImage()

curs = PhotoImage(file=r"mycursor.ani")
il = tk.Entry(root, width=50, bg="red", cursor=curs).grid(row=30, column=1)

But it still doesn't work... is there any way to use a custom cursor?

Thanks in advance :)

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    I am afraid it is not possible. Here is an answer why. stackoverflow.com/a/61459546/12992521 – Nikita Jun 19 at 1:40
  • Oh, but on Windows, how do I use a custom cursor? If it's not possible is there any other module that can help use a custom cursor in the app? Thanks :) – The Amateur Coder Jun 19 at 2:02
  • You will know how to change cursor in control panel and I know that is not the answer you want. Obviously, choosing custom cursor is app's feature, not windows'. However, you can find some predefined cursors in tkinter. – Nikita Jun 19 at 2:05

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