My scenario is quite simple:
I have an application defined in JDL file, including all entities (JHipster 7.0.1, SQL, PostgreSQL).
Application is generated.
Then I add a field to one entity and I want to regenerate only entity-related code and generate incremental liquibase changelog.
If I do it with
jhipster jdl myApp.jdl --incremental-changelog
the incremental liquibase is generated, but also the whole application is regenerated and thus all my changes to infrastructure code are overwritten.
So I tried
jhipster jdl myApp.jdl --ignore-application --incremental-changelog
In this case the infrastructure code is not overwritten, but the generated liquibase changelog is non-incremental.

My questions:

Are options --incremental-changelog and --ignore-application not compatible?

Is it somehow possible to implement my scenario: regenerate only entity-related code with incremental changelog?

Thank you in advance.

  • Your question seems too JHipster specific for stackoverflow, please consider closing it and opening a github issue. Incremental changelogs is a great feature but it is poorly documented. – Gaël Marziou Jun 19 at 9:34

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