I am trying to push strapi docker container to google cloud to use it for google cloud run.

I ran following commands in order to push

sudo docker tag strapi/strapi gcr.io/project_name/strapi

To activate service account

gcloud auth activate-service-account service_user --key-file=service_user.json

To configure docker gcloud auth configure-docker

To add auth to docker configuration

gcloud auth list
                  Credentialed Accounts
*       service_account

Provided following permissions to service account

  1. Container registry service
  2. Storage Admin

[ERROR] To push image

Using default tag: latest
The push refers to repository [gcr.io/project_name/strapi]
65bc6b54035e: Preparing 
983f2d44d014: Preparing 
a791c7d660b3: Preparing 
76269cc2f2b5: Preparing 
cbff660b7bdc: Preparing 
4f92f3f27665: Waiting 
fdba6a5d9dd7: Waiting 
07700abd910e: Waiting 
edfb8ee7c346: Waiting 
aa817488a0dd: Waiting 
74825a980b6d: Waiting 
1fb0a31fe7c2: Waiting 
unauthorized: You don't have the needed permissions to perform this operation, and you may have invalid credentials. To authenticate your request, follow the steps in: https://cloud.google.com/container-registry/docs/advanced-authentication```
  • You use docker to push your image. Docker don't use ADC (Application Default Credential).Therefore you have to follow the link provided in the error to grant Docker the authorisation to access to your Container registry. Jun 19 at 22:12
  • I see what I was doing wrong, I was using sudo while pushing image which made it look for permissions on sudo user where as my config was in ~/.docker/config.js
    – Saurabh
    Jun 21 at 4:33

The mistake I was doing is using sudo with docker push gcr.io/project_name/image_name. After removing sudo the command worked perfectly.

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