So I've migrated a 100% working live site over to Local by Flywheel using the plugin WP All-in-One. All of the pages are working fine.

So I've been doing some digging and here are some clues to help you understand the issue.

I have inspected the plugin on the page and compared the script with the live version of the site. Everything in the script is identical except for a few variables at the top of the site.

The plugin in local is calling code like this;

var HUMAN_DATA_URL = "http://somewebsite.local/globe/cache.txt";
var EARTH_SCRIPT_URL = "http://somewebsite.local/globe/miniature.earth.js";

Now the only difference between that code, and the live versions' code, is the domain ending.
The live versions' ending in .com, and the locals ending in .local;

You can navigate to those links on the live version of the site, and it pulls those files, and displays them. When you navigate to them on the local build, it gives a Page Not Found (404) through WordPress.

I have found the files it is trying to grab in the root folder, but it's not under a folder named Globe. They are stored inside of the plugins, in a folder with a different name.

If you need additional information, please let me know. I appreciate the help community.

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