For some reason the "ctrl+right" / "ctrl+left" keybindings does not work for me in visual studio code. I took a screenshot of my keybindings.json and the Keyboard Shortcuts Troubleshooting:

Keyboard Shortcuts Troubleshooting output

I've tried the same mapping without the "when" condition or different value but it didn't seem to do anything.

If I change the keybinding to other keybinding like "ctrl+shift+right" or "cmd+right" then keybinding activates. The output here suggests that the keybinding is not found by VS code.

Is there something special about Ctrl+Right/Ctrl+Left key combo?

I am using macOS Big Sur. I didn't touch any default system keybinding. I googled around for mac OS system keybinding but nothing came up under the "ctrl+right"/"ctrl+left" combo.

Before I switch over to VS code I was using Webstorm, which had this keybinding for many years. I never had any problem with it.

I'd appreciate any help or info.

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Ctrl+Left/Right maps to desktop switching in macOS by default. So you need to go to Keyboard > Shortcuts in the System Preferences and remove Ctrl+Left/Right from Mission control

Mission Control shortcuts


  • Thank you! Very much appriciated it. Jun 22, 2021 at 18:38

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