My schema is:

schema = """id: int @index(int) .
             question: string .
             answer: string .
             creation_time: int .
             interval_time: int .
             box_id: int .
             type Card {

Let's say I've inserted some nodes and I want to update the question of one card. How would I do that? I know there is a set function, but I don't know how to use it in python and couldn't find examples or anything else.


There is a python client with example mutations found in the Dgraph docs:


nquads = """
  <0x2a> <question> "New Question Text Here..." . 
mutation = txn.create_mutation(set_nquads=nquads)
request = txn.create_request(mutations=[mutation], commit_now=True)

Where 0x2a is the uid of the Card you want to update. If you don't have the uid, then you will need to follow the upsert pattern.

query = """
  { u as var(func: eq(id, 42)) @filter(type(Card)) }
nquad = """
  uid(u) <question> "New Question Text Here..." . 
mutation = txn.create_mutation(set_nquads=nquad)
request = txn.create_request(query=query, mutations=[mutation], commit_now=True)

Where 42 is the id of the Card you want to update

  • I read it but it doesn't mention updates of nodes and the part about mutations doesn't help me to understand how I could do it.
    – dbuser
    Jun 23 at 6:03
  • @dbuser, I added a full example
    – amaster
    Jun 23 at 11:50
  • When I do it like in your code, I get an error: "TransactionError('Transaction has already been committed or discarded')". However, when I set commit_now to False I get the expected results. Thanks for your help!
    – dbuser
    Jun 24 at 5:39

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