I'm trying to use Python for sub pixel text rendering where characters in a string can have different colors on Windows. What I found out so far:

  • PIL: PIL is not able to generate subpixel rendered text. It is only capable of rendering aliased text using the fontmode = "0" and fontmode = "1" settings. It is capable of rendering text where each character has a different color by determining the location of each character using the ImageFont.getsize and ImageFont.getoffset functions and drawing each character individually.
  • pywin32 winapi bindings: I can directly call GDI functionality. This means I can create fonts that render subpixel text. e.g. font_win32 = win32ui.CreateFont(font_desc) where the font_desc contains the key: 'quality':win32con.CLEARTYPE_NATURAL_QUALITY. However, to generate different color characters, I would need to know the size of each character excluding under and overhang. For this I would need the winapi GetCharABCWidthsFloat function. Unfortunately, pywin32 does not have a binding for the function.
  • pangocairo bindings (pycairo or cairocffi): I am a little confused about pangocairo. Reading the code and google searches suggests subpixel rendering is possible using: fo = cairo.FontOptions(); fo.set_antialias(cairo.ANTIALIAS_SUBPIXEL). However this has no effect.

These are the 3 directions I have explored without success thus far. Am I missing something in the methods above or should I explore different directions. I could write the whole thing in C and call the C code from python. Perhaps this is the way forward? I am a little worried about performance for this last option.

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