Is it possible to change the radius of the border of an OutlinedTextField. I want to achieve something like this TextField with desired border

I can not use Modifier.border because it just draws border above the label. Like this OutlinedTextField with border applied

And for OutlinedTextField there is no shape parameter like it is in TextField. And If I use simple TextField I can't have label that is drawing in the top border line. The label is drawing within the TextField.

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You can use the shape parameter to customize the shape of the border:

    value = text,
    onValueChange = {
        text = it
    shape = RoundedCornerShape(12.dp)

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enter image description here

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    I've seen .clip(RoundedCornerShape()) being used in many examples. I guess that approach is still valid as long as you keep containerColor and all BorderColor(s) the same.
    – Pitos
    Jan 2 at 23:57
  • @Pitos It is not the same. The modifier is applied to the BasicTextField while the shape is applied to the decorationBox Jan 3 at 19:19

You can use shape for this. please refer below code

                    value = email, onValueChange = {
                        email = it
                    label = {
                        Text(text = "Round corner", color = PrimaryColor)
                    shape = RoundedCornerShape(25.dp),

                    modifier = Modifier
                        .padding(horizontal = 20.dp)
                        .padding(top = 10.dp),
                    colors = TextFieldDefaults.outlinedTextFieldColors(
                        unfocusedBorderColor = PrimaryColor,
                        textColor = PrimaryColor),

enter image description here


See the recommended way of creating such custom Composables, is to copy the original Composable's implementation and modify it to suit your needs.

Shortcut: Just type Button then Ctrl + Click on it (in Android Studio). This will take you to the implementation. It is a very simple and small one so just copy it. Internally, button uses a surface to contain the elements in a rowscope, which does have a shape parameter, or you can use Modifier.clip() on it. Try it out.

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