My domain is rather long. I need to use it without www. All the info I find on the net is about cnames. How do I redirect the whole domain to an amazon s3 bucket, not only a subdomain?

Amazon recently announced support for root domain hosting via S3. The instructions for setting this up can be found here. Note that you will have to setup two buckets to accomplish this, and that you will have to use Route 53 for your DNS hosting.

Try wwwizer

What you need to do is to create a cname www pointing to your s3 bucket url (bucket name will need to match) and then create an A record to the ip given by wwwizer.

Another way is to use a url redirecting service or use a free web host (like godaddy's ad supported hosting) and on the index file issue a redirect to

There might be other solutions that rely on finding out the ips of the amazon s3 front end servers but they are error prone.

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