The Resolve-DnsName cmdlet seems to return different things depending on where I run it.

If I run (Resolve-DnsName redacted.mydomain.com).IP4Address on computer1 I get a single IP address, and on computer2 I get a list of two (the same address twice).

I can't solve this by always running (Resolve-DnsName redacted.mydomain.com).IP4Address[0] because that will give me only the first number of the address on computer1.

Both computers are running powershell version 5.1.19041.1023 and Resolve-DnsName version

  • Probably a load balancer or different DNS servers on both computers. Try '','','','','' | %{(Resolve-DnsName google.com -Server $_ -Type A).IpAddress}, you're likely to see different IPs for google. – Santiago Squarzon Jun 22 at 2:47
  • Wait, I missed the (the same address twice), is that so? Are you sure it's exactly the same IP? – Santiago Squarzon Jun 22 at 2:57
  • @SantiagoSquarzon Yes, exactly the same IP. Some more context, the IP I'm resolving is that of an RDS instance. And running Resolve-DnsName against some other servers return only one IP address, as expected. – asdf18374658 Jun 22 at 3:39
  • Same DNS servers on both computers? – Santiago Squarzon Jun 22 at 3:43
  • 1
    Instead of [0] use | select-object -first 1 as a work around – Doug Maurer Jun 22 at 4:26

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