I have successfully enable a MWAA environment (Airflow version: 2.0.2) and install python dependencies for MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle. But connections for these 3 databases are not added into the drop down list on Web UI. Any idea?

  1. I have checked the log on Cloudwatch for scheduler's requirement installation and it says all installed successfully as below:

Successfully installed apache-airflow-providers-microsoft-mssql-1.1.0 apache-airflow-providers-mysql-1.1.0 apache-airflow-providers-oracle-1.1.0 cx-Oracle-8.2.1 mysql-connector-python-8.0.22 mysqlclient-2.0.3 protobuf-3.17.3 pymssql-2.2.1

  1. Is it because of MWAA is installed under /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages and python dependencies are installed under ~/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages. How do I specify the directory for packages installation.

  2. Or is that Web Server did not restart after dependencies are installed. Thus, Web UI did not reflect new installed packages? How do I restart Web Server if this is the case?


I have tried to recreate the environment and specify the requirements file from the beginning. The connections are still not showing in the drop down list on Web UI.


I'm afraid some connections are not supported by MWAA see mailing list thread where they explain their concerns. The issues is that cloud service providers often do not allow installing dependencies on webserver.

  • Hi @Thomasz, thanks for the information. I will bypass this issue by configure all my connections as "HTTP" connection type then. But I do think this should be consider as a bug or enhancement, since it will increase the difficulty if we cannot identify the connection type. – Martin Chen Jun 23 at 4:03
  • I think you can reach out to MWAA team and fill this a bug, because it's not Airflow bug. Also you may want to join the discussion I linked. – Tomasz Urbaszek Jun 23 at 8:12

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