I am using RecyclerView to render nested list for TV application. At any time only 4 rows are visible and i always scroll to first position when focus comes to row. Each rows has 3 tile of same width/height.


When I am at second row, first row will be out of the visible area so RecyclerView has Recycled the first row. Now if i scroll UP to first row, focus always goes to third tile of the previous row (in this case first row's third tile).

One way to fix this is increase the cache size or add extra space in this method

   protected void calculateExtraLayoutSpace(final RecyclerView.State state, final int[] extraLayoutSpace) {
        extraLayoutSpace[0] = 1;
        extraLayoutSpace[1] = ROW_HEIGHT * NUBER_OF_ROWS_TO_RENDER;

Both solution has problem.

Is there any better way to handle upward scroll correctly. I feel this is very basic requirement.

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