I am trying to use typed-rest-client/HttpClient like below:

    let rest:httpm.HttpClient = new httpm.HttpClient('zhihu');
    let bb = await rest.post('https://www.zhihu.com/udid',"")    ;
    let res2 = await rest.post('https://www.zhihu.com/api/v3/account/api/login/qrcode',"");
    let body2: string = await res2.readBody();  

But the body2 return 403 error which is caused by the second request did not attach the cookies from the first request.

I am trying to confrim whether there is any configure to reuse the cookies or share the cookies for the same domain.

I searcha and found a similar issue below, but it closed with any answers.

Cross-domain authenticated requests? #206

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