I am trying to do a major version upgrade from Aurora Postgres 10.14 to 11.9 using Cloudformation. My template creates a DBCluster, a DBInstance, a DBClusterParameterGroup and a DBParameterGroup.

The problem is that when I try to update the stack and change the EngineVersion property for DBCluster from 10.14 to 11.9 and change the Family property for DBClusterParameterGroup and DBParameterGroup from aurora-postgresql10 to aurora-postgresql11, I get this error in CloudFormation:


The following parameters are not defined for the specified group: enable_partitionwise_aggregate, enable_parallel_append, enable_partition_pruning, vacuum_cleanup_index_scale_factor, pg_bigm.last_update, apg_enable_semijoin_push_down, parallel_leader_participation, pg_bigm.enable_recheck, pg_bigm.gin_key_limit, max_parallel_maintenance_workers, pg_bigm.similarity_limit, enable_parallel_hash, enable_partitionwise_join (Service: AmazonRDS; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterValue)

I think this is because, according to the AWS Documentation for RDS Parameter Groups:

The DB cluster parameter group family can't be changed when updating a DB cluster parameter group

So even though I am trying to update the Family property for DBClusterParameterGroup and DBParameterGroup, CloudFormation simply ignores that, and so it is trying to apply the aurora-postgresql10 Parameter group Family aurora-postgresql10 to a database now trying to run Aurora Postgres 11.9

What I've tried

  • Updating the Description property for DBClusterParameterGroupandDBParameterGroupto include a reference to thepEngineVersion` parameter, as the AWS Documentation says that will trigger a Replacement, but it does not actually do this, and so I get the same error
  • Manually adding the parameters listed in the error to DBParameterGroup before running update. Got error "Unmodifiable DB Parameter: pg_bigm.last_update"

The only workaround I have found is clunky:

  1. Manually update the database version in the console from 10.14 to 11.9, and change the DB cluster parameter group and Parameter group both to default.aurora-postgresql11 as well
  2. Comment out the code for DBClusterParameterGroup and DBParameterGroup and update the stack with the updated EngineVersion 11.9 for DBCluster
  3. Uncomment out the code for DBClusterParameterGroup and DBParameterGroup and update the stack again with the correct Family property aurora-postgresql11 on DBClusterParameterGroup and DBParameterGroup. Now the database is updated, it is using the custom parameter groups, and the stack is not drifting



    Type: String
    #currently '10.14'
    #trying to change to '11.9'
    Type: String
    #currently 'aurora-postgresql10'
    #trying to change to 'aurora-postgresql11'


    Type: AWS::RDS::DBClusterParameterGroup
      Description: !Sub 'AuroraDBClusterParamGroup-${AWS::Region}'
      Family: !Ref pFamily
        application_name: "App name"
        log_statement: all
        log_min_duration_statement: 0

    Type: AWS::RDS::DBParameterGroup
      Description: !Sub 'AuroraDBParamGroup-${AWS::Region}'
      Family: !Ref pFamily
        max_connections: 1000

    Type: AWS::RDS::DBCluster
      EngineVersion: !Ref pEngineVersion
      Engine: aurora-postgresql
      DBClusterParameterGroupName: !Ref 'DBClusterParamGroup'
      #snipping unneccesary code#

    Type: AWS::RDS::DBInstance
      Engine: aurora-postgresql
      DBParameterGroupName: !Ref 'DBParamGroup'
      DBClusterIdentifier: !Ref 'AuroraDBCluster'
      #snipping unneccesary code#

Any help would be very appreciated

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