Hi I was wondering how to connect to my firebase storage emulator, this is how I connect to Firestore. How do I do it with storage

Firestore Example:

if emulator:
    os.environ["FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST"] = ""
    os.environ["GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS"] = "myCredentials.json"

# Retrieve the application credentials
cred = credentials.ApplicationDefault()

options = {
    "storageBucket": "my-storage-bucket-name.appspot.com"

# Initialise the app
firebase_app = firebase_admin.initialize_app(cred, options)

What is the equivalent for firebase storage?


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Looking at the emulation documentation, it seems that the Python Admin SDK does not currently support the Storage emulator but it is listed as 'future' indicating it is in development but does not have a current release date.

Source: https://firebase.google.com/docs/emulator-suite/install_and_configure#admin_sdk_availability


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