I'm trying to test my created script to learn more about scripting and encountered the error "No such file or directory" despite that my .sh script is on the same folder of my .sql file. By the way, I'm using gitbash to run my .sh script.

enter image description here

This is just my script:

SQL_FILE = ./test.sql

echo "test test test"
echo "SELECT * FROM testDb;" > "${SQL_File}"
  • you can not add any blank space before or after the equal symbol when you declare some variables in shell. – baozilaji Jun 23 at 3:33
  • Hi, this worked, but still encounter the "No such file or directory" on the 4th line. – Elijah Leis Jun 23 at 3:54
  • 1
    line 4 "${SQL_FILE}", not "${SQL_File}" – baozilaji Jun 23 at 4:03

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