I work with C ++ and I am almost new. My question is how to specify where to save the text file. For example, I wrote a program that creates a text file called "usertext.txt" And it automatically creates the text file in the code storage. But I want to create a folder For example called patch and save the text file there . How can this be done?

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
using std::ios;
using std::fstream ;
int main(){
  fstream filetext;
  filetext.open("usertext.txt", ios::app) ;
  filetext << "hellow world!" ;
  • So what folder is folder patch in? – Paul Sanders Jun 23 at 14:53
  • Where the program is inside – taha hdp Jun 23 at 14:55

Use the functions in the filesystem library to create the directory first. Then use the directory as part of the full name when opening the file.

std::filesystem::create_directories ("/path/to/");
filetext.open("/path/to/usertext.txt", ios::app) ;

You can also use the path class to form the full name if the user gives the file name separately from the directory.

The function create_directories will create each part of the path that does not already exist; if the full thing already exists it does nothing.


You can just use the path to the folder

filetext.open("patch/usertext.txt", ios::app);

Note however that it won't handle the directory creation if it doesn't exist.

If you can use C++17, you can probably manage the path better using std::filesystem::path. But it might be overkill for your use case.

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