I want to have the code executed by the OnTimer event to be executed in a separate (non-Main) background thread. this code does not access or communicate with the main thread/GUI. Simple question, I get the timer (TJvThreadTimer) is executed in it's own background thread, but:

Does the code contained in TJvThreadTimer.OnTimer event get executed in that background thread as well?

It is unclear from the limited documentation.



If you look at the timer's source code for yourself, you will see that the OnTimer event handler is called inside of a class method that is Synchronize()'ed by the internal background thread, which means the event handler runs in the main UI thread.

  • Thank you Remy. I have now also performed some tests which show the MainThread is indeed the Thread that the OnTimer code runs in. Your answer confirms my limited testing. Thanks for the response. – Kevin Black Jun 25 at 2:06

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