I want to write a client to the DHL API with XE10 I imported the WSDL and it generates the correct unit. https://entwickler.dhl.de/documents/10156/5888530/testsuite_geschaeftskundenversand-api-3.1.4-soapui-project.xml/f5f5bf7c-687c-8a22-d3b7-30a014fc83d9

I can acces to the endpoint with an easy function like getversion. But when i want to create a shipmentorder, it always gives me an exception.

              <customerReference>Ref. 123456</customerReference>

  IShipmentorder : Array_Of_ShipmentOrderType;
    IShipmentorder[0] :=   shipmentordertype.create;
    showmessage( IShipmentorder[0].UnitName );  // works fine
    showmessage( IShipmentorder[0].Shipment.UnitName );  // but this object Shipment is not created.
    showmessage( IShipmentorder[0].Shipment.Shipmentdetails.UnitName ); // but this object Shipment is not created.

I can create ervery object in this object IShipmentOrder and then the objects in the next level and so on. But this seems for me no good programming.

Do anyone have a sample of an Array_ofTyp, generated by WSDL with some more levels like


and how i can access to Product.

  • There is no Delphi version "XE10"! – Delphi Coder Jun 24 at 13:09
  • 1
    What is the exact exception message you get and on which code line? – fpiette Jun 24 at 13:34
  • You need to create each object. I don’t see why this would not be good programming. – R. Hoek Jun 24 at 16:32

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