I am using the https://louismazel.github.io/maz-ui/ library to include a country code dropdown in the phone number input field of my sign up form. Here is documentation for this particular component from the library. https://louismazel.github.io/maz-ui/documentation/maz-phone-number-input/

Why is my phone number field formatted like this?

enter image description here

rather than the expected appearance from the Maz-ui docs? ...

enter image description here

Here the relevant code in my component...

   ... more code that is not directly relevant to this question.

 import { MazPhoneNumberInput } from 'maz-ui'
 import 'maz-ui/lib/css/maz-phone-number-input.css'
 export default {
  name: 'CuiRegister',
  components: { MazPhoneNumberInput },
 ... code for handling the form submission that is not directly related to this question

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