What approaches are there to generating question from a sentence? Let's say I have a sentence "Jim's dog was very hairy and smelled like wet newspaper" - which toolkit is capable of generating a question like "What did Jim's dog smelled like?" or "How hairy was Jim's dog?"



Unfortunately there isn't one, exactly. There is some code written as part of Michael Heilman's PhD dissertation at CMU; perhaps you'll find it and its corresponding papers interesting?

If it helps, the topic you want information on is called "question generation". This is pretty much the opposite of what Watson does, even though "here is an answer, generate the corresponding question" is exactly how Jeopardy is played. But actually, Watson is a "question answering" system.

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In addition to the link to Michael Heilman's PhD provided by dmn, I recommend checking out the following papers:

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As of 2019, Question generation from text has become possible. There are several research papers for this task.

The current state-of-the-art question generation model uses language modeling with different pretraining objectives. Research paper, code implementation and pre-trained model are available to download on the Paperwithcode website link.

This model can be used to fine-tune on your own dataset (instructions for finetuning are given here).

I would suggest checking out this link for more solutions. I hope it helps.

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