Hi I want to deploy the jhipster frontend separated , can I do it ? or the correct way is to put it back in the same project with the backend.I can't find info on how to deploy it after been separated


Yes you can do it separately, you just need a web server to serve your frontend bundle and if you want to avoid CORS issues you should also configure it as a reverse proxy to your backend.

The web server could also be a CDN.

The reason why you don't find any JHipster doc on this is that it's not specific to JHipster.

  • Ok I tried npm's Like: npm run-script build , but doesn't work to build from sources do you have any suggestion , thanks – limonnana Jun 28 at 12:06
  • This does not seem to be related to your initial question about deployment. Please open a new question with more details about the error and consider accepting this answer. – Gaël Marziou Jun 28 at 12:38

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