I have been encountering this error on every single new Next.js project that I create. The page can be compiled without any problem, it just keeps on showing as error on the first line in every js file.

Parsing error: Cannot find module 'next/babel' Require stack:

  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules\next\dist\compiled\babel\bundle.js
  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules\next\dist\compiled\babel\eslint-parser.js
  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules\eslint-config-next\parser.js
  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules@eslint\eslintrc\lib\config-array-factory.js
  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules@eslint\eslintrc\lib\index.js
  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules\eslint\lib\cli-engine\cli-engine.js
  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules\eslint\lib\cli-engine\index.js
  • D:\app\next_app\ratu-seo\node_modules\eslint\lib\api.js
  • c:\Users\Admin.vscode\extensions\dbaeumer.vscode-eslint-2.1.23\server\out\eslintServer.js
  • Do you have a .babelrc file? And what version of Next.js are you on? Jun 29 '21 at 17:12
  • I can't find the .babelrc file. And im on Next.js v11.0.1. Is it normal that the babelrc file is missing? I generated the whole project with npx create-next-app Jun 30 '21 at 10:28

Create file called .babelrc in your root directory and add this code:

  "presets": ["next/babel"],
  "plugins": []

And in .eslintrc, replace the existing code with:

  "extends": ["next/babel","next/core-web-vitals"]
  • 14
    as soon as I replace the eslintrc extends, its gone! Big thanks! Jun 30 '21 at 11:57
  • 3
    What are the possible side effects of this?
    – davidaap
    Jul 7 '21 at 0:45
  • This really helped.
    – Sunil Shah
    Aug 17 '21 at 3:47
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    Thanks! For some reason I got the errors even on the initial install using create-next-app. This fixes it! Sep 24 '21 at 14:47
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    I tried this but weirdly eslint just stopped working. Do you know any causes of this?
    – Altair21
    Dec 7 '21 at 17:22

I had this same problem - but only when I wasn't opening the project folder directly. It appears to be related to how ESLint needs to be configured for workspaces.

In addition, the currently accepted answer works for VSCode but breaks npm run lint for me.

TL;DR - see this answer which points to this blog. This fixed it for me.

Some Details

For example, if I have:

|  -- some_folder
|     | -- project_1
|     | -- project_2
|     ...files relating to both projects...

I'll often just cd ~/some_folder && code .

But then I get the same error you're experiencing. However, if I cd ~/some_folder/project_1 && code . then everything works fine.

If that's the case for you as well, then what you need (as described in the links above) is to:

  • Create a workspace config
  • Specify folders where you need ESLint to run

You can do this easily from VSCode. The net result (following my example above) is a file named ~/some_folder/.vscode/settings.json with contents

    "eslint.workingDirectories": [
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    This fixed it for me. I had a monorepository with two different eslint configs that influenced each other. By creating the workspace config as described above the issue was gone.
    – palermo
    Aug 25 '21 at 6:01
  • the ~/some_project/.vscode/settings.json above should be ~/some_folder/.vscode/settings.json, right?
    – revelt
    Sep 4 '21 at 12:45
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    @revelt - whoops, yes! I've edited the answer Sep 9 '21 at 20:19

In your NextJS Project you have this file , named .eslintrc.json In this file You have following code

  "extends": "next/core-web-vitals"

Replace it with

  "extends": ["next/babel","next/core-web-vitals"]

Note If you only replace with

   "extends": ["next/babel"]

The red error sign will go but the code won't compile and gives compile error.

  • Thanks it worked. Dec 21 '21 at 6:16
  • You are welcome .@MadduSwaroop Dec 21 '21 at 11:14
  • 1
    Should be at the top, this is latest working solution. Dec 29 '21 at 14:51

For Nextjs 12 add prettier in .eslintrc.json file inside your root folder.

  "extends": ["next/core-web-vitals", "prettier"]

It worked for me by just adding prettier in .eslintrc file.

  "extends": ["next", "prettier"]

In my case I had to disable VSCode ESLint extension.

Unfortunately when I added ["next/babel"] in extends, the npm run lint stopped working and Eslint in vscode did not underlining any abnormalities.

  • If you disable vs code eslint extension then it wouldn't underline abnormalities Aug 15 '21 at 3:05

You can also always try updating React and then Next. I had the same error message then updated them both and now my app is working fine.

Upgrade React version to latest Most applications already use the latest version of React, with Next.js 11 the minimum React version has been updated to 17.0.2.

To upgrade you can run the following command:

npm install react@latest react-dom@latest

Or using yarn:

yarn add react@latest react-dom@latest

Upgrade Next.js version to latest To upgrade you can run the following command in the terminal:

npm install next@latest


yarn add next@latest

ctrl + shift + p

TypeScript: Restart TS server

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