am generating enties some thing like below, Person

entity Employee {
    firstName String
    lastName String

entity Role {
    Name String

relationship OneToMany {
    Employee{role} to Role{employee required}

The generated Employee does not include the RoleDTO. I would like it to return the following:

    "id": 1,
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Doe",
                    "id": 1                    
                    "name": "Admin"
                    "id": 2
                    "name": "Collector"

But the DTO generated are working other ways round. Role is having List of EmployeeDTO's. Manual Code change is one option,but in my project i have alsmot 40 entities and this mdoification has to be done for almost all entities. In that case Jhispter is generated code is not usefull any more.


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