While testing a function when I use devtools::check() to build and check the package it throws an error Error: menu() cannot be used non-interactively

Below is a small example code.

yes <- c("Yes", "Definitely", "Positive", "For sure", "Yup", "Yeah",
no <- c("Not sure", "Not now", "Negative", "No", "Nope", "Absolutely not")

ask_confirmation <- function(title = NULL, positive = yes, negative = no) {
    options <- c(sample(positive, 1), sample(negative, 2)) # Mix which ones
    options <- sample(options, 3) # Random order
    sel <- menu(options, title = title)
    invisible(c("Cancel", options)[sel + 1])

How to overcome this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am assuming your are testing your own package. If so, you can put the offending examples (that call menu()) in a \donttest{ } block.

See Writing R Extensions

  • \donttest { } is used in documentation. I assume this is not the answer I'm looking for. FYI, added an example for your reference. Thank You:) Jul 2 at 22:56
  • Yes, it is in the documentation. That (under \examples{}) is where I would expect that ask_confirmation is called (and nowhere else). Jul 2 at 23:01
  • I'm using ask_conferamtion in my package and I'm calling in other functions too. So I'm not sure how can I put my function under \examples{ }. Jul 2 at 23:07
  • You can use \examples{\donttest{ examples here } } in all examples, or any that (indirectly) call ask.confirmation. Jul 2 at 23:54
  • And this is what is done for ?menu itself Jul 3 at 2:45

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