Google cloud healthcare export fails with error code 7. I'm exporting to GCS. Some objects are created in GCS. I see nothing appear, not even any kind of error, when I look in the related logs. The command I run is like:

gcloud healthcare fhir-stores export gcs <fhir store id> --project=<project> 
--dataset=<dataset> --location=<location> --gcs-uri=gs://<bucket>/<folder>

The result I get is:

ERROR: (gcloud.healthcare.fhir-stores.export.gcs) {
  "code": 7,
  "message": "Operation execution failed."

When I look up the details with 'gcloud healthcare operations describe', I get this:

done: true
      code: 7
      message: Operation execution failed.
      '@type': type.googleapis.com/google.cloud.healthcare.v1.OperationMetadata
      apiMethodName: google.cloud.healthcare.v1.fhirstore.FhirStoreService.ExportResources
        pending: '83263'

Am I missing some permissions somewhere?

  • Can you edit your post and add the command you invoked? If you did not specify a service account when you ran export it should use service-<project_number>@gcp-sa-healthcare.iam.gserviceaccount.com. Does this have the correct permissions, like "Storage Admin"? Have you checked Cloud Logging for errors?
    – Ricco D
    Jul 5 at 2:36
  • @RiccoD I see nothing in the logs that are linked to. The command was like: gcloud healthcare fhir-stores export gcs <fhir store id> --project=<project> --dataset=<dataset> --location=<location> --gcs-uri=gs://<bucket>/<folder>
    – a1-----
    Jul 6 at 4:43
  • @RiccoD Under IAM the service account has both Logging Admin and Storage Admin.
    – a1-----
    Jul 6 at 4:53
  • It works fine for me using your command as well with the permissions you have mentioned on the healthcare API service account. You can file a GCP support case for this to be checked.
    – Ricco D
    Jul 6 at 6:06

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