I'm trying to extend and implement a custom CupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl with some alterations.

Here is a great example of using the widget:

class _ViewState extends State<View> {
  int segmentedControlGroupValue = 0;
  final Map<int, Widget> myTabs = const <int, Widget>{
    0: Text("Item 1"),
    1: Text("Item 2")

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: CupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl(
          groupValue: segmentedControlGroupValue,
          children: myTabs,
          onValueChanged: (i) {
            setState(() {
              segmentedControlGroupValue = i;

from @AidanMarshall's answer found here

What am I trying to do?

I am customizing the myTabs into a custom itemBuilder similarly to the ListView.builder implementation. My implementation should be used as follows:

  values: GenderPreference.values,
  thumbColor: Colors.blue, // or use a custom theme
  onValueChanged: (value) {
    // update profile information here
  sliderItemBuilderFunction: (context, item, active) {
    return Text(
      style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.subtitle2!.copyWith(
        color: active
            ? Colors.white
            : Colors.green,
  selectedValue: GenderPreference.None,

With this, I am using my own sliderItemBuilderFunction function defined as follows:

typedef Widget ItemValueWidgetBuilder<T>(BuildContext context, T item, bool active);

this accepts the build context, the generic item T and a (is) active convenience field


The problem is each time I run the widget, I get the following error for each item in values:

======== Exception caught by widgets library =======================================================
The following _TypeError was thrown building SegmentedSlider<GenderPreference>(dirty, dependencies: [_LocalizationsScope-[GlobalKey#0a25e], _InheritedTheme], state: _SegmentedSliderState<GenderPreference>#40901):
type '(BuildContext, GenderPreference, bool) => Text' is not a subtype of type '(BuildContext, dynamic, bool) => Widget'

The relevant error-causing widget was: 
  SegmentedSlider<GenderPreference> file:///C:/Users/CybeX/MyAwesomeApp/awesome-app-mobile-flutter/lib/viewcontrollers/profile/ui_profile.dart:309:20
When the exception was thrown, this was the stack: 
#0      _SegmentedSliderState.build.<anonymous closure> (package:cozy_up/framework/ui/components/slider.dart:34:28)
#1      MappedListIterable.elementAt (dart:_internal/iterable.dart:412:31)
#2      ListIterator.moveNext (dart:_internal/iterable.dart:341:26)
#3      new _GrowableList._ofEfficientLengthIterable (dart:core-patch/growable_array.dart:188:27)
#4      new _GrowableList.of (dart:core-patch/growable_array.dart:150:28)
Reloaded 0 libraries in 1 536ms.


'(BuildContext, GenderPreference, bool) => Text' is not a subtype of type '(BuildContext, dynamic, bool) => Widget'

Firstly, the '(BuildContext, GenderPreference, bool) => Text' is my custom function, which should return a Widget as specified in the typedef.

Force Widget inside Slider's build function?

If I force this as a Widget with

Widget _widget = widget.sliderItemBuilderFunction(context, e, e == activeValue);

in my slider build function, I get exactly the same error.

Force Widget inside itemBuilder's function?

Further, if I return a Widget in my sliderItemBuilderFunction() implementation, I get the same error, but

'(BuildContext, GenderPreference, bool) => Widget' is not a subtype of type '(BuildContext, dynamic, bool) => Widget'

What am I doing wrong?

Enum Used

enum GenderPreference {

extension GenderPreferenceExt on GenderPreference {
  static const enums = {
    GenderPreference.Male: 'Male',
    GenderPreference.Female: 'Female',
    GenderPreference.Other: 'Other',
    GenderPreference.None: 'None',

  static String asString(GenderPreference genderPreference) {
    return enums[genderPreference] ?? "";

  static GenderPreference parse(String _mode) {
    if (_mode == "" || _mode == null) {
      return GenderPreference.None;
    return enums.entries
        .where((element) => element.value.toLowerCase() == _mode.toLowerCase())

Full Slider Implementation:

import 'package:flutter/cupertino.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

typedef Widget ItemValueWidgetBuilder<T>(
    BuildContext context, T item, bool active);

class SegmentedSlider<T> extends StatefulWidget {
  final Color backgroundColor;
  final Color thumbColor;
  final ValueChanged<T?> onValueChanged;
  final T selectedValue;
  final List<T> values;
  final ItemValueWidgetBuilder<T> sliderItemBuilderFunction;

  const SegmentedSlider(
      {Key? key,
      this.thumbColor = Colors.grey,
      this.backgroundColor = Colors.white,
      required this.onValueChanged,
      required this.sliderItemBuilderFunction,
      required this.selectedValue,
      required this.values})
      : super(key: key);

  _SegmentedSliderState<T> createState() => new _SegmentedSliderState<T>();

class _SegmentedSliderState<T> extends State<SegmentedSlider> {
  late T activeValue;

  void initState() {
    // TODO: implement initState
    activeValue = widget.selectedValue;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    List<MapEntry<T, Widget>> map = widget.values.map((e) {
      var _widget =
          widget.sliderItemBuilderFunction(context, e, e == activeValue);
      return MapEntry<T, Widget>(e, Container());
    Map<T, Widget> children = Map.fromEntries(map);

    return CupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl<T>(
      backgroundColor: widget.backgroundColor,
      thumbColor: widget.thumbColor,
      onValueChanged: (value) {
        activeValue = value!;
      children: children,
      groupValue: widget.selectedValue,

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The essential problem is that _SegmentedSliderState does not automatically know how to parameterize the type of its parent widget, so the inherited widget property has the type SegmentedSlider<dynamic> instead of SegmentedSlider<T>.

To fix this, just declare your class like so:

class _SegmentedSliderState<T> extends State<SegmentedSlider<T>> {
  • *facepalm, how did I miss that...thank you!
    – CybeX
    Jul 5, 2021 at 19:06
  • After several days of digging the internet. THAT SAVED MY LIFE! Jan 17, 2022 at 14:27

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