I have a website that uses embeds to add videos into articles. To do this, I'm using a React library called 'react-youtube'.

This has been working fine since the website went live in March, but recently I'm getting a lot of videos throw an error saying "Video Unavailable".

What's more confusing is this only happens on the hosted site, not when I test it locally. The server is hosted using Netlify.

As an experiment, I tried hosting the site elsewhere and the video loads without a problem. There are two videos in the linked articles, the first video works absolutely fine but the second video throws the 'unavailable' error.

The 'broken' embeds on the Netlify site:


The working embeds on Gatsby Cloud:


On Netlify, in some articles even with one video it won't load:


But on Gatsby Cloud it will:


I asked on Netlify's forums but they didn't have any ideas either. It seems to me that the security headers may be different for each, but without knowing what they SHOULD (and what the differences are between Gatsby and Netlify) I have no idea how to fix this.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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