We have several IFC models regularly transformed by model derivative services that disappear completely when viewing and zooming until you get "close enough" to objects that are then shown incomplete. This behavior is present in all versions of viewer 7. These models represent large objects (hundreds of meters). Is there a limit to the technology used in Forge?

I can send one of these 3d models for your review.

Thanks for an answer


the whole model zooming to an abject partially shown zooming

  • Could you share a non-confidential reproducible model demonstrating this issue to forge[DOT]help[AT]autodesk[DOT]com for our investigations?
    – Eason Kang
    Jul 9 at 4:04

This issue occours when the derivative service is called in legacy mode. Autodesk Support recommends that I use the modern pipeline by calling the transform service with the following parameters:

  "output": {
     "formats": [
         "type": "svf",
         "views": [
         "advanced": {
            "conversionMethod": "modern"

Thanks Eason

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