I had a model customer, which I have generated using the following

rails g model Customer name:string

After some time, I decided to rename the model to customer_type, to accomplish this we wrote an another migration

rails g migration RenameCutomerToCustomerType

everything was smooth until I had the requirement to add the model named customer. When I issued the following command, I've started getting "Another migration is already named create_customer"

rails g model Customer

I think this kind of scenario is very common in CRUD based project, please suggest on how to over come this? Is this a limitation with rails?


Just rename old migration filename and classname. Both don't affect anything.

btw: This scenario is quite rare so I don't think that there is any need in specific actions from framework

  • Also you can safely remove old migration if you keep schema.rb under vcs as recommended – iafonov Jul 26 '11 at 9:26
  • I recommend renaming old migration to create_customer_1.rb and class to CreateCustomer1. When you encounter this issue second time on the same model, use create_customer_2.rb instead and so on... – mirelon Dec 17 '12 at 16:27

rails destroy model MODELNAME, will remove the model.

  • This doesn't work, because the migration conflict just checks for the existence of the initial creation based on class name, and not whether it was dropped. The specific conflict is over the create_model.rb file generated – shushugah Mar 6 at 13:15

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