Why does stripping symbols differ between strip and go build -ldflags "-s -w" (see here)?

$ go build -ldflags "-s -w" -o primes_no_symbols_from_go_build primes.go
$ go build -o primes primes.go && strip -s primes -o primes_no_symbols_from_strip
$ objdump -D primes_no_symbols_from_go_build > primes_no_symbols_from_go_build.human
$ objdump -D primes_no_symbols_from_strip > primes_no_symbols_from_strip.human
$ grep -rn "add" primes_no_symbols_from_go_build.human | wc -l
$ grep -rn "add" primes_no_symbols_from_strip.human | wc -l

what can account for these changes? (the underlying go program, probably irrelevant, is from here).

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strip and ld tools are OS specific, from

man strip

When strip is used with no options on an executable file, it checks that file to see if it uses the dynamic link editor. If it does, the effect of the strip command is the same as using the -u and -r options. If the file does not use the dynamic link editor, the effect of strip without any options is the same as using the -s option of ld(1). The options -S, -x, and -X have the same effect as the ld(1) options. The options to strip(1) can be combined to trim the symbol table to just what is desired.

i.e. most ld's don't have -w, which means on OSX "suppress all warning messages"

on Linux/Debian

1187840 Jul  7 09:05 primes_no_symbols_from_go_build_s
1187840 Jul  7 09:05 primes_no_symbols_from_go_build_s_w
1755360 Jul  7 09:05 primes_simple_go_build
1187004 Jul  7 09:06 primes_simple_go_build_strip

on OSX

2076146 Jul  7 16:02 primes_no_symbols_from_go_build_s
1580786 Jul  7 16:02 primes_no_symbols_from_go_build_s_w
2076146 Jul  7 16:02 primes_simple_go_build
1997872 Jul  7 16:04 primes_simple_go_build_strip

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