I am calling readData function from controller file to get data from cache.When i tried to use the someVal after readData function,i am getting undefined firstly and then after callback response it is getting the data and call gets remains in unhandled promise rejection state.I want lines after readData function to be executed only after data is available.

import redis from 'redis'
const client = redis.createClient();

const readData = async (key,callback) =>{
const res = await client.get(key)
if(res === null){
callback(new Error('failed to get data'));

let newObj = {};
let someVal;
readData("key",(_err,result) =>{
someVal = result.data
newObj[someval]= "1233"

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You need to move your console statement into the callback for readData.

This is a timing issue where console.log is called before the read has completed.


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