AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last) in 14 sys.path.append(ROOT_DIR) # To find local version of the library 15 from mrcnn import utils ---> 16 import mrcnn.model as modellib 17 from mrcnn import visualize 18 # Import COCO config

~\ComputerVisionProject\Mask_RCNN_CustomDataset\Mask_RCNN-master\Mask_RCNN-master\mrcnn\model.py in 253 254 --> 255 class ProposalLayer(KE.Layer): 256 """Receives anchor scores and selects a subset to pass as proposals 257 to the second stage. Filtering is done based on anchor scores and

AttributeError: module 'keras.engine' has no attribute 'Layer'


This isn’t strictly a duplicate, but a similar question is found here: AttributeError: module 'keras.engine' has no attribute 'input_layer'

In essence, many of the import and attribute errors from keras come from the fact that keras changes its imports depending on whether you are using a CPU or using a GPU or ASIC. Some of the engine classes don’t get imported in every case.

Instead, use from keras.layers import Layer and use that layer class in place of the one from the engine.

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