I am inserting a pandas dataframe into postgres using psycopg2. Below code:

import psycopg2.extras as extras

tuples = [tuple(x) for x in df.to_numpy()]
cols = ','.join(list(column_list))
query  = "INSERT INTO %s(%s) VALUES (%%s,%%s,%%s,%%s,%%s)" % (table  , cols)

extras.execute_batch(cursor, query, tuples, page_size = 100)

This works!

Here, I convert df into tuple, and I think %%s is taking this values at runtime when extras.execute_batch is executed.

The problem is that for this, I need to hardcode %%s, number of times the columns.

In this example its 5 columns, hence I am using %%s,%%s,%%s,%%s,%%s.

Is there a way to have it variable?

Here is what I tried:

tuples = [tuple(x) for x in df.to_numpy()]
cols = ','.join(list(column_list))

vals_frame = len(column_list) * """%%s,"""
vals_frame = vals_frame[:-1]
print('vals_frame: ',vals_frame)
query  = query  = "INSERT INTO %s(%s) VALUES("+vals_frame+")" % (table  , cols)

extras.execute_batch(cursor, query, tuples, page_size = 100)

This prints:

vals_frame: '%%s,%%s,%%s,%%s,%%s'

which is what I want, but I get below error while creation of query:

TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

How to get past this?

I have tried:

vals_frame = len(column_list) * """\%\%s,"""
vals_frame = len(column_list) * """\\%%s,"""

but this does not seem to work. Can some one help?


The problem is the location of the %. Because of operator precedence, % binds tighter than +. So:

query  = "INSERT INTO %s(%s) VALUES("+vals_frame+")" % (table  , cols)

The % operator here applies to the string ")". Here are some alternatives to consider:

query  = "INSERT INTO %s(%s) VALUES(" % (table, cols) +vals_frame+")"
query  = ("INSERT INTO %s(%s) VALUES("+vals_frame+")") % (table  , cols)
query  = "INSERT INTO %s(%s) VALUES(%s)" % (table, cols, vals_frame)

Alternatively, avoid the problem by using f-strings:

query  = f"INSERT INTO {table}({cols}) VALUES({vals_frame});"

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