I am new to Etsy API development and I have been stuck on it for days. I have tried going through the doucmentation to find some resource so that I can make a simple API call (I plan to convert it to code but I want to get it running via Postman to see if it even works).

Please let me know if this is not the right platform and where should I post this? THANK YOU in advance.

Link to docs: https://developers.etsy.com/documentation/reference

I have tried adding headers but it still does not work. What am I doing wrong?

Postman Call

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  1. First create the app : https://www.etsy.com/developers/register

  2. Now add call back URL by editing the app: https://www.etsy.com/developers/your-apps , go here and click the app name then scroll down and edit call back url :

enter image description here

and add below url: https://oauth.pstmn.io/v1/callback

If you cannot access the page to edit, look at the URL. If it reads "etsy.com/au/%20/developers/edit..." then delete "/%20" and retry.

  1. now add below informations:
Token Name : any name
Grant Type: Authorization COde PKE
Callback URL : https://oauth.pstmn.io/v1/callback ( keep authroize using browser unchecked)
auth url: https://www.etsy.com/oauth/connect
Access Token URL: https://api.etsy.com/v3/public/oauth/token
Client ID: Your appi KEYSTRING
Client Secret: YOUR app secret
Code Challenge Method: SHA256
Code Verifier: leave blank
Scope: scope eg: transactions_r (if using multiple scopes, separate each with a space, not with "%20" as the documentation says)
State: superstate
Client Authentication: Send Client Credentials in body

secret and keystring :

enter image description here

Final configuration:

enter image description here

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    I would give more than one upvote if I could. I was stuck on redirect URL. Thank you so much for the detailed post. Highly, Highly appreciate it. Jul 13, 2021 at 19:15
  • Vital heads up. If you cannot access the page to edit, look at the URL. If it reads "etsy.com/au/%20/developers/edit..." then delete "/%20" and retry. You're welcome. Mar 31, 2022 at 0:28
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    How has Etsy not hired you? This post reads far better than the documentation that corporation paid to have up! And you wrote it for free! Mar 31, 2022 at 0:36
  • one more place to slip up, separate multiple scopes by spaces, not by "%20" as the documentation instructs. (Postman adds them automatically, and adding them manually throws an error) Mar 31, 2022 at 1:06
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    man I love you. Etsy docs are a POS. You explained it so simple and straightforward that it took me only 5 minutes to do it. I really appreciate it. Apr 26, 2023 at 17:58

I am working on Etsy Authentication. I have created an app and tried to test the Authentication via Postman in the same above process but I was not able to Authenticate I was getting an error enter image description here

And I was unable to Edit the App and also there is no option of "Request Full Access"

enter image description here

Help me with the issue as I was previously able to Edit the App and I have tested few APIs as well but now I am unable to do it.


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