In Python, I want to convert all strings in a list to integers.

So if I have:

list1 = ['10,20,30']

How do I make it:

list1 = [10,20,30]

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try this:

list1 = [int(i) for i in list1[0].split(',')]

First of all you have to define what the array contains, for how you have wrote the questions the array is:

0: 10,20,30

if your array is made of strings like that then you should make a regex to identify the numbers in every string and then convert the number into an integer. But I think that your array is actually:

0: 10
1: 20
2: 30

In this case you would want to do:

for every number in the array
   make the number an integer

which would be

for num in list:
  # if the value is a string
  if type(num) == str: # just to be sure
    num = int(num)

In python every data type is easily changeable through int, float or str, but remember to assign the number after you have converted it. int(num) would make a number an integer but would not actually convert it because have not stored it, you should do num = int(num) because those are functions that return what to want, to really understand how they works mean you should search about dynamically typed languages and functions

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