Just what the title says - is it possible to echo the response contents without having to store the file?

I would also settle for being able to throw out the results, so a dest file is not created (on Windows, so no /dev/null).

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On windows there are special file called NUL which has the same function as /dev/null on *nix

(there are also CON, PRN, etc, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Device_file)

I think it is possible to use this file as the dest param

<get src="http://blahblahblah..." dest="NUL" />

If you want to echo the result to the console, you can use CON as the destination

<get src="http://blahblahblah..." dest="CON" />

I dont know if it is a proper solution in the ant task, but somehow just work.

  • Thanks, never knew about those. NUL works as expected, CON unfortunately gives a '(Access is denied)', but like I said, NUL will do. Hmm, would be nice to have a system independent abstraction over /dev/null & NUL.
    – Dmitri
    Jul 27, 2011 at 6:10

Specify the file path in srcfile. the content of the file will be stored into variable from the given file

<loadfile property="content" srcfile="filepath"/>
<echo message="========================================================"></echo>
<echo message="${content}" />
  • 7
    Please refrain from answering in code only. Explain in text and/or comments what you are doing, so that future readers may benefit as well.
    – Adriaan
    Nov 20, 2018 at 16:25
  • For small files this appears to be the simplest way. I wouldn't do it with large files, though. Oct 12, 2023 at 13:15

Looking at the 'Get Task' documentation, I see the 'dest' field is required so I think you're out of luck.

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