Are there any plugins for Backbone.js that do what "form_for" does for Rails? e.g., I provide a model and it provides a DSL for building a form?


Not familiar with how Rails creates forms but I created a Backbone forms library that may do what you're looking for. You write a simple form schema and it will generate the forms for you:



I think it is a different beast with a different solution. I wrote a backbone.js extension for binding form elements to Backbone.Model fields. Forgive the coffeescript but I do the following normally.

class FooView extends MyView

  tag: "div"


    "change form input.address" : "address"
    "change form input.name"    : "name"
    "change form input.email"   : "email"

  render: ->

    $(@el).html """
        <input class="address"/>
        <input class="name"/>
        <input class="email"/>



# Instantiate the view 
view = new FooView
  model: new Backbone.Model


The implementation of the binding code is

class MyView extends Backbone.View

  render: ->

    if @model != null
      # Iterate through all bindings
      for selector, field of @modelBindings
        do (selector, field) =>
          console.log "binding #{selector} to #{field}"
          # When the model changes update the form
          # elements
          @model.bind "change:#{field}", (model, val)=>
            console.log "model[#{field}] => #{selector}"

          # When the form changes update the model
          [event, selector...] = selector.split(" ")
          selector = selector.join(" ")
          @$(selector).bind event, (ev)=>
            console.log "form[#{selector}] => #{field}"
            data = {}
            data[field] = @$(ev.target).val()
            @model.set data

          # Set the initial value of the form
          # elements



I wrote a small blog article on this here.



I wrote jquery plugin that allows you to bind the json object to the form. I know it's not exactly what you wanted. I was even thinking about extending it to build the html from the object definition in the first place but I decided that it might be bit hard to create plugin that would be flexible enough. Anyway here is the code with some explanation. It's still in alpha version but it works. At last it works ok for me :D

You can also grab the code on the jquery plugin page

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