I'm constructing a UICollectionViewLayout using NSCollectionLayoutDecorationItem and NSCollectionLayoutSection.

The steps I did are:

  1. Instantiate an NSCollectionLayoutSection, named as section
  2. Instantiate an NSCollectionLayoutDecorationItem, named as decoration
  3. Assign decoration to the array section.decorationItems
  4. Update decoration by populating its contentInsets

However, the update I did in step 4 is not reflected in section.decorationItems. (Swapping step 3 and 4 fixes the issue but still doesn't explain the problem.)


NSCollectionLayoutDecorationItem is a class, hence reference type. Why the change is not reflected in the array section.decorationItems? I'm not familiar with objective-c, is NSCollectionLayoutDecorationItem something like an immutable class in objc?

Code snippet

let section = NSCollectionLayoutSection(group: group) // Step 1
let decoration = NSCollectionLayoutDecorationItem.background(elementKind: Self.sectionBackgroundDecorationElementKind) // Step 2
section.decorationItems = [decoration] // Step 3
print("before change \(section.decorationItems)")
decoration.contentInsets = NSDirectionalEdgeInsets(top: 5, leading: 5, bottom: 5, trailing: 5) // Step 4 --> change not reflected in section.decorationItems
print("after change \(section.decorationItems)") // same output as "before change"
  • I can't reproduce this with my own class instead of NSCollectionLayoutSection. Can you actually give a minimal reproducible example?
    – Sweeper
    Jul 16 at 7:40
  • @Sweeper thanks for checking. So far I only find this behaviour on NSCollectionLayoutSection. Please refer to this gist for a minimal reproducible example.
    – Bon
    Jul 16 at 19:01

The moment you assign to section.decorationItems, a copy is made of the instances you passed in. So section.decorationItems[0] is a copy of your decoration, but is also an entirely different instance. That's why changes you make to one aren't affecting the other. You can see this in the debugger as the memory addresses are different.

If you want to change a value after assigning to section.decorationItems, you'll have to do it like section.decorationItems[0].contentInsets = ..., or perhaps reassign to section.decorationItems with the updated instances, so it can make fresh copies.

There are a number of places in UIKit where a copy is made when you assign some instance of a class to provide some configuration. Even though it's a reference type. Usually the documentation mentions it, but it doesn't for NSCollectionLayoutSection.

  • This answer appears correct. It seems to be an unfortunate side effect of the order of calls. The documentation says @NSCopying var edgeSpacing: NSCollectionLayoutEdgeSpacing? { get set } is called before applying the insets. This returns a copy for some reason, hence the reference is changed. Hence the original will still be in the array and decoration will now be a copy with the insets. I would try printing decoration after assignment of decoration.contentInsets = ... to verify.
    – SeaSpell
    Jul 28 at 22:48

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