I'm trying to use react-jhipster to use the translations

I have created a js file:


export const english =
    "my_key": "delete"

In the page in which I would to obtain the translation:

import { Translate, TextFormat, getSortState, IPaginationBaseState, JhiPagination, JhiItemCount, translate } from 'react-jhipster';
import { english } from '../../../../i18n/eng/translation';

// In my render I'm going to use like this:

                        <span className="d-none d-md-inline">
                          <Translate contentKey={english.my_key} />

But it doesn't show nothing

the Translate is:

import * as React from 'react';
export interface ITranslateProps {
    contentKey: string;
    children?: string | JSX.Element | Array<string | JSX.Element>;
    interpolate?: any;
    component?: string;
 * Translates the given key using provided i18n values
declare class Translate extends React.Component<ITranslateProps> {
    static defaultProps: {
        component: string;
    shouldComponentUpdate(): boolean;
    render(): React.DOMElement<{
        dangerouslySetInnerHTML: {
            __html: any;
    }, Element>;
export declare const translate: (contentKey: string, interpolate?: any, children?: string) => any;
export default Translate;

How can I use it?

Thank you

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