I have an app token which has permission to publish in a group. And a user token but he doesn't have a permission to publish in the group nor he is an admin.

How can he publish in the group using the app token?

Note from documentation: App access token can be used for a person who has already granted user_photos and publish_to_groups permissions for creating a group album using your app

My code so far:

from facebook import GraphAPI
graph = GraphAPI(access_token='my_access_token')
message = '''
the message
graph.put_object('my_group_id', "feed", message=message)
  • What have you tried so far? Show us your code! – Klaus D. Jul 17 at 7:45
  • I added my code . But what I use now is user token. But the user doesn't have a publish to group permission. However I have an app token with permission to publish in group. – Sha tha Jul 17 at 8:15
  • What you quoted from the docs appears to be about creating new albums, not necessarily for posting to the normal group feed? – CBroe Jul 19 at 6:31

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