I have a search page for our sites that carries out search depending on the values of the following parameters in the query string;

q: search string cats: comma separated string matches products belonging to multiple categories tags: comma separated string matches products having specific tags

I am now planning to include metadata and OG keywords as part of the query string for the purposes of advertising on Facebook. E.g. to have OG image source, OG Title and OG description in the query string will allow me to customise a single page (search results) depending on my requirements.

For example if I wanted to advertise dairy products, my URL would read (not encoded for brevity here):

results/tags=milk,cheese,yoghurt&ogimage=img/social/dairy-cover.png&ogtitle=Some Title&ogdesc=some description

Similarly I would use the following for house cleaning;

results/cats=home-cleaning&ogimage=img/social/house-cleaning.png&ogtitle=Cleaning products&ogdesc=some more description

I also intend to extend this approach to include other parts of querystring so that I can also have different content in the page. For example If I also want to include a related products carousel after the search results;


What I want to find out, if;

  • this approach is a good or bad practise since anyone can change the query string.
  • if it has any disadvantages in terms of SEO
  • I should have search engine indexing concerns due to the fact that I am serving a single page - different query string
  • if there are any security issues I should be aware of.
  • Any other considerations I need to have a look at.

Thanks in advance

  • In addition to asking multiple questions, you should only ask one at a time, GENERAL SEO QUESTIONS ARE OFF-TOPIC. Only programming-related SEO questions are acceptable on Stack Overflow. Non-programming SEO questions should be asked on Webmasters.SE at webmasters.stackexchange.com. If someone has directed you here to read this warning, go back and delete your question. – Rob Jul 18 at 10:59
  • If you don’t restrict what values can be passed for title, description etc., then you can probably expect your URLs to show up advertising “Ch3ap V1aGr4 here!!” soon … – CBroe Jul 19 at 6:35
  • @CBroe this particular example is enough for me to change my design completely. So thank you. Let others try and fill their ego while people like you try to help the community. – Subliminal Hash Jul 19 at 7:20

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